All our Mercedes Sprinter have an elegant design and quality materials completely hand made by the italian company Tomassini, 60 years experience company, body maker leader company in Europe.
Today Tomassini Style is still a family running company and all members of the family Tomassini working in the company.
The company has more than 50 people employees, engineers office, research & development office for new materials, commercial office.

But the secret of Tomassini success all over the years has been without any doubt the great artisan skills of their workers able to manufactured tailored solutions for the requirement of the customers in Italy and in the rest of the world.
An experience to live and enjoy. The comfortable atmosphere is combined with an open space that ensures maximum freedom of movement.
Each seat is indipendent and revolving and extremely confortable, while the elegant sofa , placed in the back creates a totally telaxing atmosphere.
The 360 view is provided by the large panoramic windshield and from the side windows custom made by the jont venture company Tomassini.